Posted by: spiritteacher | August 6, 2009


There are only two ways of seeing in the world.  Through the eyes of Love which is God or through the eyes of the ego which is fear. Since God is only Love and God is all there is, anything that is not of God cannot really exist.  Yes, it looks and feels real and can be very distracting when we are experiencing it, but if we remember that it isn’t God and therefore is only a harmless illusion we can take our power back and choose to see everything through God’s eyes.  When we look at everything with God and lift up all fear and darkness to Him, He then can shine His light into the darkness and show us it is nothing.

Remember no matter how it looks, no matter how it feels, no matter how it manifests itself, in our body or in our life, if it doesn’t bring us peace or feel loving,  IT IS NOT GOD.  God is only Love and God is all there is.

God’s Love lights us from within. Fear is always on the outside. Like a pesky mosquito trying to break through our spiritual skin. So together let’s lift all our problems up to Him so He can make the corrections from fear into Love.  And now – this is very important – we must stand back and get out of His way so He can do His job. When we are steeped in worry and anxiety, we are interfering with God’s work and thereby blocking His Healing Love.  As we give everything to Him, we need to forget about this world.  Once we have lifted our worries to God, we are now free to go about our day with a calm and quiet knowing that He has taken our pain and our problems from us and all we have to left to do is place our Trust in Him.

Let’s then turn our thoughts elsewhere.  We can visualize something beautiful like a garden or a rainbow, a work of art, a piece of music or whatever we find beautiful in this world, a snowy mountain top, a green park with children playing on the playground. We can breathe in all the world’s beauty and let God’s Love fill us and overflow into every aspect of our life.  And now, together, let’s thank God for taking our problems away and leaving us with His peace and love and joy forever.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. It is true, we are love, we are divine. When we are authentic to our self, to our source then the ego has no room and we remove the illusions from our life. All things do happen for a reason, we are here for a purpose and that is to love and learn lessons along our journey. There is no good or bad, it is all our creation and our perception.

  2. Thank you for your comments. I couldn’t have stated it more clearly. Thank you for confirming my beliefs. I haven’t visited you lately, but thank you for reminding me of your loving presence. I will visit you today. Peace, Sharie

  3. Sharie,
    I feel like copying your words, putting your name where mine is, and sending it to YOU. If anything, we are teachers for each other, probably friends from another time? THANK YOU for being there for me when your daughter’s health was seriously threatened, as if you didn’t already have so much praying to do! Your words come from the mountain top, Sharie, and YOU are an inspiration and a blessing to the world.
    Love you, Pam

  4. Thank you, Pam. We certainly are teachers and students of each other. The Course in Miracles teaches that is true of all of us. I believe we must have been friends for lifetimes. How else to explain our fast friendship in such a short time?
    Love you too, Sharie

  5. What a true blessing to be so deeply connected–and to find each other at WordPress! Thank you for everything, Sharie.

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