Posted by: spiritteacher | August 4, 2009


Every experience that makes us unhappy comes from fear and guilt. The solution is always forgiveness.  Forgiveness in the true sense is seeing the TRUTH in everyone and in every experience no matter how it looks in the world.  And we can only see in this true way by asking for help to see the world and everyone here through the eyes of God’s Love.  And then gently laughing at all we think is so serious. There is no other way.  And as challenging as this is for most of us, it’s so worth the effort.  It’s a muscle we need to exercise every day until one day, there it is – the answer to the Universe and true peace.  Forgiveness will then become our nature. And we will see clearly that “Forgiveness is the key to happiness.” (ACIM) Remember, this forgiveness that comes from God does not mean we look upon the wrong doing of others with judgment and then forgive them for the terrible things they did to us.  It means looking through the terrible things and seeing only God’s love in ourselves and everyone. It means remembering this prayer at all times, “God Is” and then stopping because we now truly understand that God is all there is and God is only Love. 

There are people here in this world who have experienced terrible atrocities at the hands of others.  I know of a man whose wife was murdered and he forgave the murderer and now the murderer is a changed person, an artist and a spiritual teacher.  She is still in prison, but she serves in the prison as an instrument of peace and healing. She helps the other prisoners to see the world through the eyes of God’s Love so they too can change their minds and their perceptions and learn to be calm and gentle and kind and to extend joy to others. 

The only way to change the world is to change how we see the world and everyone in it.  We must be willing to forgive and be healed and we must want this for everyone. We cannot allow a single child of God to remain in darkness if we want to see and experience His light. 

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


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  2. Hello and welcome, Steve. I appreciate your visit. I visited your blog and though our method of teaching is a little different, I believe our understanding of forgiveness is similar in that we see forgiveness as the key to happiness. Peace, Sharie

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