Posted by: spiritteacher | August 3, 2009


A Course In Miracles teaches there is only one problem and one solution.  The problem is believing that we have somehow separated from God, our Source.  This problem is human-made and is the cause of all of our fears and all of our guilts. If we don’t feel we have separated from God, then we must look around.  Do we see other people as different from us?  Do we judge them and their behavior as good or bad or right or wrong?  And do we judge ourselves this way as well? Do we value our individuality, our uniqueness, our specialness?  If so, we cannot truly believe we are not separate from God.  In God there is only Oneness and when we are truly seeing ourselves as One with God, even though we see separate bodies, we cannot judge them. In God we do not see our interests and our needs as separate from anyone else’s.  No matter how different we look in the world, if we believed in our Oneness with God, any differences we see in each other would be superficial and of little matter.  In truth we would remember we are all here for one purpose, to learn peace by remembering our Oneness.

Let’s begin today.  “Thank you God that no matter how I believe I do not deserve your Love or I do not believe my brothers and sisters deserve your Love, I AM WRONG.  And no matter how strongly I feel that I am different from everyone else, I am wrong about that too.” 

Then we can ask God to help us remember that no matter how the world looks to us, or how angry or violent, or sad and unhappy we are or someone else appears to be, we truly all want the same thing, God’s Love which translates into abundance and happiness and peace. We can never be truly at peace as long as we judge ourselves separate from someone else. Or as long as we judge someone else at all.  It is through our relationships we will be healed. Those relationships may be with someone close to us or with someone we meet fleetingly in the grocery store or pass by on the street or someone we hear about on the news or watch on a reality TV show. So wish God’s Peace upon your brothers and sisters everywhere, so you may have it for yourself.  

What we think is what we bring to ourselves.  If we think separation through judgment, our experiences will reflect that.  If we think Oneness, our experiences will be beautiful and loving, abundant and Holy.  The beauty is that it is all up to us.  Every moment of every day we can choose how to experience our life. Either through ego’s fear and judgment which makes us feel separated from God or through Love and patience, forgiveness, understanding and kindness which opens our minds to our Oneness with God.  So let’s smile as Beloved Children of a Loving God, laugh gently at all we thought was so serious and be our true self, One with God and all His Universe and very, very, very happy.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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