Posted by: spiritteacher | July 24, 2009


There is a path that lies before us which we feel compelled to follow. It is the path to peace. As we take each step we see, to our amazement, that every rock and boulder, every branch and twig has been cleared and our way is smooth and easy. The birds sing their songs with pure joy and a gentle breeze smooths our brow. The scent of pine fills our senses from the surrounding woods. We feel every muscle loosen and relax like a rope unwinding. We find a grassy spot to rest and quench our thirst from a nearby stream of crystal water flowing freely. We have no needs or wants. We have no attachments or fears. We feel no resistance to anything. There is nothing here upon this path, put pure peace. And since it is our path, it is easy to follow and when it ends, it ends in sunshine. It ends in a meadow filled with flowers and there is everyone else ready to greet us with laughter, recognition of our truth and pure joy which we gladly mingle with theirs. And still we are in the world as before only now it is a happy world of abundance and health and well being, a world defined by peaceful thoughts, a world of joining and oneness, a world created by the Universe that lives right beside the dark, dim world we thought was our home, but isn’t. And all God asks of us to see and to experience this loving world is to turn our face toward the light and follow our path.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Beautiful and Inspiring!

  2. Thank you, Jean. I believe in this world and I hope you do too. Thank you for visiting. Please come often. Your presence is a joy. Peace, Sharie

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