Posted by: spiritteacher | July 21, 2009


“Wearing a smile is a sign that you are master of yourself.” Thich Nhat Hanh

In our relationships with others, it is important to release the ego limited thinking completely and see them in the light of love. In other words, simply hold in our mind the truth of whoever is disturbing our peace, combine it with the truth of us and think no words at all. Just experience love flowing back and forth between each of us, a stream of light from their heart to our heart and our heart to theirs. We can do this when we are in the presence of the other person or sometimes it’s easier at first, when we are apart. We will know that our loving self has taken control of the experience when we feel a smile form at the center of our heart and radiate throughout our being. In this smile is the power of the Universe because now we have allowed God’s Love to transform our thinking from “I am the victim” to “I am a Child of God who wants only peace and joy in this relationship.”

Remember, our lessons with others won’t go away until WE choose something else. Choose to smile, choose to laugh at all that doesn’t matter. We must empower ourselves with our own joy. If someone wants to be serious and create drama we needn’t join them. If we ask for guidance in how to handle each situation and each relationship before long the right words and actions will flow into our mind so the corrections can be made. This does not mean laughing in the face of others’ fears, but instead gently understanding and silently and with great kindness, empathizing while quietly knowing for them and for ourselves that fear is false and only God and His Love are true.

Remember, we are all a beautiful Light in the world. We don’t have to see this to know it is true. No one can diminish our light with their fears any more than we can diminish theirs with ours.

We can get into a new habit of smiling often for no apparent reason by beginning our day with a smile and ending our day with a smile. We must, of course, understand that it is more important to be happy than to be right. If we quietly ask for help in seeing our fears through God’s eyes, He will show us how to look at the fear and teach us how to surrender it to Him. Our experiences here in this world will change when we can allow ourselves to gently laugh at the nonsense instead of taking ourselves, each other and the world so seriously.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Sharie, It’s especially hard to send love from heart to heart when faced with violence–but it is more necessary than ever then! Years ago in our town a missionary couple was in a store as it was being robbed. By sending love, not judgment, to the robber, he gave them his gun and walked out of the store to be arrested. And their loving actions didn’t end there–they kept in touch and visited him in jail. Thank you for sharing your truly inspiring words.

  2. Pam, Dear, thank you for your miracle story of the missionary in the convenience story. Love is ALWAYS stronger than fear. It’s hard to remember that during times of stress, but if we remember it as much as we can other times, then our belief in miracles muscles are strengthened for those times when we need them the most. Love, Sharie

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