Posted by: spiritteacher | July 20, 2009


We are only afraid when we believe that we have somehow separated ourselves from our Source. God sees only our perfection, our Oneness with Him and all others and if we see ourselves as He sees us we can never be afraid. And that is the answer. See yourself and all your brothers and sisters as God sees you and feel His joy fill your being. See through the behaviors, the fears and the anger, see through the judgments, the neediness, the sadness, see through the sickness and the drama to the perfection that lives inside each one of us. All the forms in which we appear as separate are not the truth of us. We often say when someone misbehaves, that they are showing their true colors. They are not showing their true colors, they are hiding behind their ego’s misperceptions which is dark and dim. They are crying out for whatever they feel is missing in their lives. And the only thing they can think they are missing is God because God is all there is.

Their true colors and ours are the same, clear and bright and beautiful, loving and joyous and kind and filled with gratitude and grace. Our true colors are constant and eternal and never changing. Everyone only wants what is already theirs. Peace and Joy and Love and Healing. When we hide our gifts behind the ego’s fears, we believe they do not exist and then we are terrified. And in our terror we act out in very strange and often violent and destructive ways. But this darkness and fear from which we act out is not a color. There are no colors in darkness. Our job is to lift all thoughts of fear, ours and all others to the light of God so He can shine the darkness away and show us our true colors. Our prayer is, “God, help me see this experience and this brother/sister/myself through your eyes.”

Now we walk in the light of our true colors and bless everyone along the way so they can be offered the opportunity to walk in the light of their true colors as well. And now all the colors blend into one glorious and constant true color and there we are – all together, safe and well under God’s Loving Light. And all one color. And that color is LOVE.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Sharie,

    Thank you. Truly, you are a blessing to everyone who reads your posts. I’ve noticed a few people have linked to your blog from mine and that makes me so happy! I can’t think of a better gift to them than to find your blog and your words, spreading peace in loving vibrations all across the web…

  2. Pam, you’re such a gift. Thank you for spreading peace with me. I’m so grateful that you’re allowing me to use your blog as a place of connection for mine. I hope people find you through me as well. Love you, Dear. Sharie

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