Posted by: spiritteacher | July 17, 2009


We have a room for watching TV and playing games, a room for eating and preparing food, a room for sleeping, a room for attending to toilet needs and cleaning our bodies, possibly a room for sewing and crafts, a room for guests and a space for the cars, but we often don’t have a room or even a small space in one of the rooms to rest and heal our spirit. This healing space, this breathing room, is equally important to the other rooms and in some cases even more so. This is the room or space for growing still, for breathing calmly and getting quiet.  And along with a room, we need to find the time, even ten minutes, five minutes, two minutes can enrich our lives beyond measure.  And in fact, the more time we spend in this quiet space where nothing is expected of us and the more we allow ourselves to let go of the need to control or do anything, the more we will see how much we need this time, this space, this breathing room.

Find a small space today.  Set out flowers or candles or both on a small table.  Make it a beautiful, holy space that belongs to you. Close the door on the busyness of everyday life and gift yourself this time and this breathing room.  It can be outside in the garden, in a sun porch or anywhere. There are no rules. Make it sacred and inviolate. And then just allow.  Allow yourself to breathe in calm breaths.  Smile gently and soften your vision and let your Angels visit you here.  Feel God’s loving presence as you rest lightly against Him. Open your mind and heart to your own inner truth and envision light and healing here.  Inspirations will come as you turn inward and leave the world behind for a short while.  Questions will be answered as you grow quiet and simply listen. Joy will visit you and love will fill your heart and overflow into your sacred space and you will remember who you are.  Not who you think you are, but who you are in truth. You are the glorious creation of a loving God. You are a seeker of truth and an instrument of peace. You are your own best friend.

There is always room. 
There is always time.
For God and for You. 

Give yourself this gift, this blessing, this breathing room and watch healing happen.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Sharie, Your words have so inspired me, “There is always room. There is always time. For God and You,” I’m making a sign to put up. Thank you for smoothing our paths.

    And, every one of your posts should be tagged with Inspiration. I predict you will be the featured blogger in Inspiration a lot!

    Love, Pam

  2. Pam, thank you for your loving thoughts. I am going to try and add the tag inspiration if I remember how to add tags. That is a beautiful and powerful word and I love that you see me that way. We are all inspirations to each other. Even the things we think we don’t want to hear are helpful in our learning and growing. You are so wise yourself and I love to read your daily wisdoms for the inspiration and because our language is so similar. It’s like singing a duet. Love you, Sharie

    • Dear Sharie, I so much need that quiet time alone with God every day, and it works best for me upon arising.
      I call it Centering prayer and it is there that I consent to God’s presence, as I believe He is alive at the
      center of my being. I also say that I wish to be open to your presence and surrender to your will. I then
      sit having chosen a sacred word which I use when my thoughts wander being a sign and symbol of my
      intention to consent to His Divine presence and action within. It calms my spirit and keeps me centered.
      Thank you so much for all your wisdom. You are a blessing in my life. Love Jill

  3. Jill, you did it! I received your comment. Your words are so beautiful and inspiring. You are so close to God and His Light shines brightly upon you all the time. Thank you for your comments and you are also a blessing in my life, Dear Friend. Love, Sharie

  4. This is important. It is amazing how we neglect to set aside a room for our spiritual growth. Thanks for writing this. Very important that we make room as you said.

  5. It’s the quiet space and time that we forget about because the world around us is so noisy and distracting. Just time and space for a little breathing as all we need. Thank you for your comments. I appreciate your visit. Peace, Sharie

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