Posted by: spiritteacher | July 16, 2009


Sickness, fear, scarcity, violence, war and all the things that come from fear are not a part of God’s Holy thinking and therefore are not His will for us.  Since they are not His will, we can lay them down by choosing God’s will instead of ego’s and at last be free.  We can eliminate all we do not want from our lives by simply remembering in this and in every moment, “I am God’s Holy Child and His will for me is perfect oneness, perfect healing, absolute forgiveness and complete joy.  God is only Love and God is all there is.

Fill your mind and heart with the following words.  Think or say them with purpose and decision.  As you think them and say them – BELIEVE THEM.  And they will become your reality.  That’s how the mind empowers the being.  That’s how we allow God to be in charge of every experience.

I am entitled to miracles, large and small, that color my world and make me smile. 

I am entitled to everything I need. Even when I don’t know exactly what that is, there is a living, breathing life inside me that knows more than I. 

I am entitled to perfect health; health of mind and body and spirit.

I am entitled to perfect safety. Even when the world seems unsafe, I am perfectly safe.

I am entitled to happiness, the kind that never changes and never leaves me.

I am entitled to joy, the joy that lights my eyes, lifts my heart and brings me peace.

I am entitled to a calm and quiet state of mind that lives sanely within me even when the world seems insane.

I am entitled to love, relationship love, family love and friendship love. And the other Love that comes from deep within my soul and is my gift from a Source that I may have temporarily forgotten, but will remember now.

Read this every day. Or whenever you forget the things you are entitled to.  Read just the one you need this moment.  Or read them all.  And feel each affirmation until it permeates your being and changes your life.

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