Posted by: spiritteacher | July 12, 2009


Life is a journey, moment by moment.  Living mindfully and being aware of each moment is the path to peace.  Living mindfully is forgiveness in its true essence. Even as we’re thinking a thought, that thought and it’s topic is over.  To be mindful requires clearing our minds of all judgments and all ego chatter and simply observing from a state of being.  Doing this with a gentle smile and a calm breath will remove all stress and will allow healing of the spirit and through healing of the spirit comes healing of the body.  With practice this can be done in every spare moment and even as we go about our daily lives.  Breathe, Smile, Observe, Be.  Soon you will be showered with loving miracles that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

I place in your hand a beautiful flower to help you remember mindfulness.  A flower just grows and blooms right where it is.  It has no expectations other than to be.  And in this being it brings joy to every heart who experiences it. And when it fades or is picked, another flower grows in its place. In this way as each moment fades, another moment arises. And each moment is but another opportunity for our mindfulness state of healing and being.  Each flower shares the spirit of every other flower for in mindfulness, all are connected and all are one. In the state of mindfulness, we also are one with each other and with each flower and with each butterfly and the birds and all of nature and with all the Universe. Mindfulness Being is where God lives and loves us and welcomes us home. And this home is our peace, our joy, our happiness, our healing and God’s will for us – right where we are. 
Breathe, Smile, Observe, Be.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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