Posted by: spiritteacher | July 8, 2009


Fear is a powerful addiction.  We think we don’t want it.  We pray for peace and healing. We beg for love and signs of our own truth. But soon we are bowing down to fear again.  We climb out of the pit and reach for the lifeline to peace and then promptly judge someone, or attack someone or defend ourselves against someone or let our attachments rule our thinking. We cry for peace and pray for peace and then sabotage our peace by choosing something other than God.  And in the end it is fear that will set us free.  By acknowledging it, accepting responsibility for it, allowing it to just be and then surrendering it to God we can, with practice, finally be free.  But we will never be free if we deny it in any of its myriad forms.  We will never be free if we think fear is something outside of us or something done to us, instead of something we do to ourselves.  Fear in every form is there because we chose it.  No one and nothing can affect us unless we allow it.  Accepting responsibility for our fear is a giant step in letting it go. 

So now walk in the light of your own being.  Laugh joyfully in the face of your fears and lift them up to God where His light will shine away the darkness for you.  Cry out to fear, “Bring it on!  You can’t hurt me.  I am a Holy Child of a Loving God.  I am the Light of the world.  Perfect peace and holiness lives inside of me.  I am here to be an instrument of peace.  Fear can’t stop me from the path that God has set for me.”  And then grow still and listen as God whispers lovingly inside your heart, “Be at peace, my child and know that you are free.”  Then walk with Him upon the path of perfect Oneness and see that He is here and all is well.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Thank you, Sharie, for always writing about surrendering. I so appreciate your daily reminders.
    I changed to a 3-column blog because I had so many links, and now there you are, right at the top of my page, ready to heal another heart.

  2. So good to hear your voice, Pam. I visited your cite earlier and enjoyed your guest post. I will visit you again with the 3-columns in mind. Have a beautiful day. Love, Sharie

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