Posted by: spiritteacher | July 3, 2009


A little update for everyone who has joined us on this journey of love and healing:  Yesterday, Kristen was implanted with a Pacemaker/Defibrillator and all went well.  They’re saying her heart is still weak, but the medical plan is to have her on some very strong heart strengthening medications along with the pacemaker/defib.  Both of these are meant to help strengthen her heart as well as keep it beating if it should slow down or become erratic.  She is coming home today!  We thank God and celebrate along with a little Mother ego concern that we won’t be able to look at the monitor and be reassured by her heart rate. She will have a lot of follow up, as the cardiologist put it, “We’re going to be watching her like a hawk.”  She has to follow certain rules, but otherwise they want her to have a normal life.  Whatever that is. At this point normal as we knew it, has pretty much flown out the window. She has been put on a heart transplant list as a safety net, but Kristen is determined that that won’t be necessary.  And we are standing strong with her on that.  Please join us in this.

Last night Kristen’s sister, Heather and I stayed with her overnight at the hospital so her husband, Matt, could get a good night’s sleep.  When it was just the three of us in the room, Kristen turned to Heather and I and said, “So what’s the plan?”  The plan we discussed was continuing to put God in charge and to trust in His plan.  The plan involved a complete healing of her heart.  The plan meant that Kristen intended to use this experience for a greater loving purpose.  One which involved serving and helping others.  The plan was for Kristen to let go of living in the world and focusing so much on bodies and get spiritual.  It involved all of us joining with the world in love and joy and learning and teaching forgiveness and allowing healing. 

Kristen is a clinical social worker and as soon as she’s strong enough she wants to begin using all the miracles and the outpouring of love from this experience as part of her service in the world.  She wants to teach changing of minds and not just changing behavior.  She’s talking about writing a book. She’s 33 years old, but this experienced has aged her spiritually about a thousand years.  She sees a greater purpose in this and intends to use it to help heal herself and others.  She wants to be a teacher of God and an instrument of peace.  She has always been a grateful person, but now she is much more forgiving.

They have a healing garden at St. Luke’s and Heather and I tried to be in there at any moments that we needed to leave Kristen for medical procedures, etc. Inside was filled with peace plants and all number of green and growing things, along with waterfalls and fountains, rocks and rock walls and lush flowers. Outside more plants and flowers grew in a beautiful design everything surrounded by gorgeous, huge rocks. There is a labyrinth for walking meditations. It is so beautiful that we were able to breathe in healing and get balance and harmony.  I walked the labyrinth again and again, reciting Course in Miracles affirmations in my mind and growing still and listening, listening, listening. I could hear the beating of my healthy heart conjoined with the beating of Kristen’s healing heart in my mind. What a gift from God! In the tiny chapel they had a healing tree.  I wrote a short prayer on a piece of ribbon and tied it to the healing tree where it became one with all the other prayer ribbons.

Kristen wanted so much to visit the healing garden that we told her about, but she was tied to tubes and was only allowed to go to the bathroom with a nurse, pushing a big machine.  Finally last night she had been unplugged from the machine and was able to walk and then be wheeled through the healing garden.  It was a beautiful and healing experience for Kristen.  She truly felt the presence of God and oneness with all the Universe as I slowly wheeled her around the garden and I could feel sickness, weakness and fear leave her and only a rainbow of love and gratitude remained. As it filled her, it surged through me and my husband, Dale. A nurse came with us, to monitor her and afterward the nurse thanked Kristen for wanting to come to the garden.  She had always been too busy to spend time in the garden and she found the experience to be balancing and healing for herself as well.

There have been so many miracles and so much love pouring through Kristen.  She is on prayer chains all over the country (and possibly the world) and every day someone else offers to pray for her or add her to their prayer circle.  Just this alone comforts me that she will be completely healed. There is no way that this much love can go unnoticed in the Universe. Kristen joked at one point, that she was going to try and see how many people she could connect before this was over. 

I want to thank everyone who is carrying us and holding us up with their miracle thoughts, healing energy and loving prayers through this journey. All of the services you have provided have been enormously helpful and we are so grateful.  Many of you have literally lifted our lives and all the responsibilities and burdens of every day from our shoulders so we could be with Kristen. It isn’t over yet and so we still need your prayers and healing thoughts, but it is because of you that I have complete trust that Kristen’s heart will be strong and in perfect condition very, very soon. And Kristen’s desire to help others through her experience has truly been a miracle in itself. “It’s time I get into my spirit,” she said more than once.

Once she was out of sedation and fully conscious she was her old delightfully sassy and hilarious self. Everyone who spoke to her or visited her literally left her room laughing. This included all the wonderful nurses, doctors and other hospital staff. Her strength and courage, her confidence and determination to heal her heart and her positive spin on everything made this journey a time where fear was often banished and only hope and love remained. Her strong spirit and her powerful light many times over rode everything she and we were experiencing.  When she was afraid, she became quiet and let her sister and I lift her back up into the place of hope and love and truth where she belonged.  My gratitude for all the miracles knows no bounds. God truly lives and fills the world.  I see a ribbon of light connecting each and every one of us with all of you and all those we don’t even know and at the end of that ribbon there is only God.  Only God and His glory and His Love.

Thank you, my precious people.  I will never forget all you have done to make this experience a living, breathing miracle of healing and love and laughter.  You have literally saved Kristen’s life and mine as well.  Love, Sharie

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