Posted by: spiritteacher | June 30, 2009


With my daughter, Kristen, in intensive care and not much more for me to do then be with her, I have spent a lot of time in meditation and surrendering fear.  The fear slaps me hard at times, but then I just get quiet, look straight at it, and let it go the best I can.  I remind myself that it is not this fear that is governing our experience here, but the power of God’s Love. 

Today Kristen was wide awake and her old self which was wonderful for us to see.  I can’t tell you how full my heart is from all the love, the prayers and the miracles right and left.  I would love to live in this loving atmosphere all the time minus the heart condition.  My heart feels so open and welcoming and welcomed.  Kristen too was feeling it.  “I feel the love,” she said more than once.  And “I’m so filled with love I must look like one ray of light.”  And she did.  We are so certain she will fully recovery just because how can all this light not be making the proper corrections.  I totally believe this experience is being governed by the laws of God which transcend the laws of the world.  In God’s laws miracles of love are raining everywhere. 

One of my favorite prayers goes like this:
My mind is calm and quiet.
My ego thoughts are still.
My heart forgives with gentle kindness.
In silent miracles I hear God’s loving will.

This isn’t very professionally written, but that’s all right. It serves its purpose which is to calm me down. Excuse me now, I have to go splash around in my pool of miracles. 

In gratitude and peace and love, Sharie


  1. Sharie,
    The Light from your hospital room must be overflowing to others. How great is a loving God to heal your daughter and to spread the Love! Thinking of you all and praying, too.

  2. Thank you, Jill. We’re so grateful Kristen is home and now we keep her in our prayers for the healing and strengthening of her heart. Stronger and stronger day by day. Love, Sharie

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