Posted by: spiritteacher | June 22, 2009


We all have a tendency to define ourselves by the roles we play in the world.  And in so doing we limit ourselves and forget our true purpose here.  You may think you’re a father, a mother, a wife, husband, partner, a family member, a career, a job, a body that walks around and says things and does things. The truth is those are the things you experience and the things you do.  You are so much more. 

In the same way, we are not our fears, our guilt, our depression, our anger, our illness.  Those are limitations we have placed upon ourselves, our prison, if you will.  No child of God can be imprisoned by earthly limitations and be happy or experience peace.  Do we think we are a body and a brain?  If so, of course we are afraid of that status, because being a body and a brain makes us vulnerable and at the mercy of circumstances in the world.

 But if we let go of the idea that we are what we do and what we experience, what would happen?  Confusion? For a time perhaps, but in a good way.  The only reason we would feel confused is because we feel we need parameters, we need a role to define us or then we would be nothing.  We are terrified of letting go of our roles. It might feel like leaping off a cliff.  But what if we had wings and as we took the leap, instead of falling, we flew?  The truth is if we let go of the limitations that we allow to define us, we would find we are everything.  We are not a body, we are spirit.  We are not our roles in life we are the Beloved Child of a Loving God.  We are LOVE.  We are one with each other and all the Universe.

As we release ourselves from our imprisonment of earthly limitation, we will discover an amazing thing.  We will find that our roles are no longer burdens, responsibilities or limitations.  Now they are beautiful ways for us to express our truth, our essence, our spirit and God’s Love in the world.  Now we can do what we need to do and do it all from that place of wonder and truth and light within us.  Now can we easily accomplish all we need to and more because we have surrendered everything to Love and everything we think and do comes from Love.  

Repeat this to yourself:  “I am a loving spirit that is in the world, but not of the world.  I am a Being of pure light created by a loving Source that guides me in all things.  I no longer have to decide what to do or what to say, for God is now in charge of every experience for me.  And I know that whether I’m at home, at work or out in the world I really have only one purpose and that is to serve God with a loving heart because the truth is that Loving Heart is really ME.  And in being ME, I am serving God.” You are now free to experience your essence of peace and joy and grace.  You now remember that you are the Beloved Creation of a Loving God.  You always were.  You may be able to hide your truth from yourself for a time, but you cannot change it.

Whenever I get caught up in the world and my roles here I pray this prayer to bring me back to my truth; “I love.  I am loved.  I am Love.”  Use this affirmation while breathing in and out calmly and with a gentle smile on your face and feel your truth of peace and love and joy flow quietly through you.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. WOW. I love that one. Perfect timing also with a conversation I was having with someone.

  2. I love synchronicity. So often I find that something out there reaches something inside me and takes me a tiny step further on my path. Thank you for visiting me and shining your light on my space. Love and Peace, Sharie

  3. It happens often when I am being open and surrendering. Sometimes, I allow life to swamp me and can’t see the wood for the trees.

  4. You’re not alone in getting bogged down in the swamp, Dear One. But isn’t it a great relief to open and surrender and see that what we thought was true wasn’t and what is true is timeless and eternal? Peace and Love, Sharie

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