Posted by: spiritteacher | June 18, 2009


“Let me be done with guilt. There is a song to sing. There is life to live and people to enjoy.” Hugh Prather

The least helpful or productive emotion on earth is guilt. Guilt is silent and insidious and keeps us mired in muddy moments of useless quicksand. It can be flagrant or subtle. It can knock us flat or be an annoying background noise in our daily lives. We even feel guilty about things like eating chocolate or taking a nap! We talk about the guilty secret or the guilty pleasure. We take guilt into ourselves and we wish it on others. Many believe that guilt serves a purpose in that it keeps people from doing bad things. It isn’t guilt that keeps us from doing bad things, it’s Love, Forgiveness and Kindness.

If you make a mistake, don’t trap yourself in that mistaken place with feelings of guilt. Instead look at the mistake, take responsibility for it and then learn from it and grow past it as quickly as you can. If you need to apologize to someone do so, not with guilt in your heart, but with the desire for a peace-filled and loving correction of an error. We cannot learn and grow when we are mired in guilt. Everything is an opportunity for spiritual learning and in that sense every mistake serves a purpose.

On the opposite end, if someone does or says something that we feel is an attack upon us or someone we love, wishing guilt upon them only keeps us all trapped in a dark place of anger and vengeance and revenge. What purpose does that serve? Entire wars are caused by the need to avenge. Families are torn apart sometimes for a lifetime. How many times have we heard she/he shows no remorse. Remorse is guilt and is not our business to command. That would be another unnecessary burden we place upon ourselves. We are not responsible for the lessons and choices of others, only our own. How can we possibly be free when we have imprisoned ourselves with our attacker in the useless quicksand of guilt? Our lesson is forgiveness which is not condoning, but releasing attachment. We need this for our own peace of mind. Forgiveness best happens when we ask for help in seeing this situation and this person through the loving eyes of God. Then are we able to surrender all thoughts of the “guilty” party to God.

A Course In Miracles teaches there are only extensions of love and calls for love. We extend love when, instead of seeing guilt in another, we see their wounded spirit and their need for love. If they felt love they would have no need to attack. The same applies to us. If we silently bless them and ourselves instead of judging, we free ourselves to fly to new and glorious heights of joy and inner peace. As we bless another so do we bless ourselves. Guilt blocks the blessing and keeps us from our joy and happiness just as fog hides the sun.

So go forth today with this thought: GUILT BEGONE! And release your spirit to a new and lovely healing experience.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.


  1. Hi Sharie,
    I think you’re right – guilt serves no honest purpose except to trap us in our own junk or the junk of another. I think that we can sometimes get too involved in what others are doing and judging that, rather than trying to find what we need to address for ourselves.


    • You’re so right, Annie. I love the way you put it. Junk is a good word to use for all the nonsense we get invested in. Love, Sharie

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