Posted by: spiritteacher | June 17, 2009


Say someone ordered you to travel 1,000 miles to a certain point with no directions, no map, no GPS, no compass, nothing but the words – Go There!  That’s what we all do to ourselves when we try to find happiness and peace without help.  It can’t be done.  And so we frantically look for it in things, in jobs, in money, in relationships, in power.  We are directionless when it comes to our own spiritual healing. Many don’t even believe in the spirit self. Or anything beyond this world of form. And even though we all possess an inner GPS, even those who are dimly aware of it don’t always know how to access it. This focus on form, this feeling lost and confused while frantically seeking for answers in all the wrong places is one of the major causes of the chaos, and the violence and hatred in the world.  This is because a common remedy for alleviating fear is to project it upon others and the world at large. And this negative energy affects our planet, our children, all of our experiences. On our 1,000 mile trip our only choice would be to stop somewhere and ask for directions.

And so it is in our search for peace. The most powerful prayer in the Universe is “HELP ME!”  These two words when sincerely meant open the flood gate to a whole new way of thinking.  Suddenly books are available, spiritual teachers come into our line of vision, television offers programs, opportunities for learning fall at our feet and our inner GPS to peace becomes a part our awareness. 

When you feel unhappy or poor or obsessed about something or someone; when you feel sick in body or spirit, or fearful or depressed or sad, angry or anxious, don’t be afraid to cry out, “HELP ME!” The Universe will do a welcoming dance of joy and extend its hand to lift you up and gently guide you on your path to peace.  And when you stumble from your path (and we all do), pray again, Help Me! and feel yourself lovingly guided back onto your path once more.  

May you walk in peace today knowng you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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