Posted by: spiritteacher | June 15, 2009


“To forgive, we are not required to say or do anything.  It is an inner gesture of quiet sincerity.” Hugh Prather

To forgive is not to condone.  To forgive is to surrender.  And so together let’s surrender everything, but the joy and love and peace in us. Let’s surrender everything we do not want and keep only what we do want which is the light and the laughter and the quiet, calm spirit that lives inside us in a place where we forget to look. 

 This place I speak of is not governed by the laws of time or space or egos.  It is governed by the laws of a Loving God.  In this place lives timelessness and limitless abundance.  If we live our lives within this place in our spirit minds and hearts nothing is complicated, nothing is stressful, nothing is difficult. In this place, all is well, always.  And it is here and it is now.  We can’t lose it like we lose our keys.  We can’t lose it like we lose our minds.  We can’t forget it like we forget appointments. We can’t yearn for it like we yearn for happiness or things.  We have no needs here for here in this place of timeless abundance all our needs are met without our even asking.  In this place of timeless abundance all our problems have been solved.

 In this place is our reality.  There are no nightmares here.  There is no violence here. There is no sickness here.  Death does not visit this place, because it is timeless and eternal. It does not begin and it does not end.  It simply is. We think this place is a fantasy, but the truth is this place is real and the world we think is real is the fantasy.  Most people don’t understand, but our thinking here is upside down.  What we think is so serious really isn’t. So be relieved.  Be grateful.  Laugh with joy at the knowing that there is something so much better than our small thinking ever allows us to see.

Laugh joyously at fear and let this Loving place be recognized as your true home.  You’ve heard of hell on earth?  Right this moment surrender hell on earth. And place your trust in your real home. The Angels call it Heaven on Earth and it’s here, it’s now, it’s real.  All we need do to experience it is to simply choose it.  And as we choose it so are we now instruments of peace.  So are we now instrumental in healing the world and bringing a peace filled consciousness to light.

 Whenever you feel challenged or disturbed by anything, choose again. “I want the peace of God instead of this.”  ACIM.  Practice this faithfully.  Believe in its possibility.  Be willing to be happy and in time you will find your real home in timelessness.  You will still be in the world as you are now, only your life will be filled with joy instead of fear, light instead of darkness, health instead of sickness, abundance instead of scarcity, love instead of hate.  The truth is what it is.  Our job is to simply be willing to believe that there is something better. Our little willingness is all God asks of us. Then He will do the rest.

 May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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