Posted by: spiritteacher | June 8, 2009


June 2, 2009
There are two aspects of every human being, the ego aspect which comes from a place of fear and the spirit aspect which comes from a place of love. The ego is part of a human made mistaken thought system and the spirit comes from God and is your true Self. Understanding this is very empowering because every time you feel afraid or experience any of the results of fear such as anger, sadness, judgment, depression, attack, defensiveness (and all negative feelings) you can Stop yourself, stand back and quietly watch your ego do its thing and then remember, “This is not the truth of me”. And then you can choose again.

You can bring your spirit, your perfect truth, your loving, kind and gentle, forgiving self to the light by simply acknowledging your ego, calmly accepting the fact that because you are not happy right this moment, you have made a mistake. And that mistake is that you have either identified with the past or the future and have forgotten that your peace of mind exists in the NOW. Then soften your vision, smile and release the past and the future and remember “I am the creation of a Loving Source. I am not my mistakes.” And then accept that your Source or God or Creator, the Universe or whatever you want to call it lives in you. It is changeless and eternal and you can turn toward its Light whenever you want to be happy or at peace; whenever you want to change an experience or relationship into something better. And then you can take the next step and truly bless yourself by remembering this about your brothers and sisters; “They are the creation of a Loving Source. They are not their mistakes.” That thought about yourself and your brothers and sisters will change your life because it will open your heart to a new way of thinking. GUARANTEED.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

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