Posted by: spiritteacher | February 5, 2014


“Above all else I want to see things differently.” A Course In Miracles

 “I will remember I am a Holy drop in a Sea of Love.”

We are unhappy only when we think we are alone, an ocean drop that has separated from the limitless and eternal sea of Love that created us. And so we cry out for love in every form.  Whenever we are not at peace, we are crying out for the love we feel is missing in our lives.

When we open our hearts to God, we will see ourselves and everyone in a different light. Instead of seeing others as attacking us in some way or ourselves as suffering loss in any form, we now become one with the ocean and one with our brothers and sisters, safe and protected from harm. And we are harmless as well.

Now we are surrounded by God’s abundance and no one and nothing can take what truly belongs to us.  All will see as we do that what belongs to us belongs to them as well. Our minds become quiet, our hearts at peace and we are lifted by a wave of pure joy. We have chosen to join our brothers and sisters, not in their fear place, but in Light and in Love.  In God’s Holy Ocean of vast and never ending Oneness.

We breathe a sigh of relief as we rest in the warm ocean of God’s Love; a beloved holy drop who sees things differently.  

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  1. Sharie,
    Thanks for this message. Beautiful.
    Will look for your reply to my last comment as you wrote on the Listening Board…which I just saw. Never know when it will work for me either.
    Love you
    Sis, Pat

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