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“Can you imagine how beautiful those you forgive will look to you?  In no fantasy have you seen anything so lovely.”
A Course In Miracles

“I will spend today in seeing through forgiveness.”

Forgiveness isn’t easy, but it is simple. It requires only a little willingness to see the world and ourselves differently. God does not expect perfection; only an open mind and a willing heart. Not even words are required. Only the desire to be happy.  He reads our hearts, hears our thoughts and knows our intentions even before we do.

If we need words, a perfect prayer would be, “I simply want to be happy.”  In that thought lies also the happiness of all our brothers and sisters.  Because in that thought we have laid aside our fears for just a moment and allowed God’s Love to rush in.   

In our tiny willingness we are rising above the world’s laws of limitation and chaos and quietly letting God’s laws rule us. Now we can see that beyond the insanity all is well and in God, our problems have been solved.

We cannot do this for another, only for ourselves.  And that’s enough. That is quite enough to change the world for everyone. That is the power of forgiveness within the mind of God’s creation – you and me. 

How simply beautiful are you and all the world through the gentle, loving eyes of your forgiveness. 

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  1. Hi Sharie,,
    I just love this message on Forgiveness…..I sure have been working on it!!!!
    Thank you for writing this.
    Sometimes I get a little confused about which message to follow each day!
    Yours and now Marianne’s book of Daily Miracles…plus the lesson I’m working on each day on my own….plus once a week, stopping and using the Lesson Beverly does….
    Today is a perfect example. Marianne’s one page daily readings just resonate with me.
    As does yours. But the lesson I am on is sooo long and goes on and on. Its Lesson 136 Sickness is a Defense against the Truth…..
    Beverly said to use others in the morning and night…but to
    really do the lessons. Hard!!!! Sometimes they go together…they are the same theme. That helps!!!
    Any thoughts?
    Love to you,
    sis, Pat

  2. Hello Dear Sis Pat. Instead of being confused about which message is for you, simply grow still and feel what you need to hear in a given moment. What resonates one day or even one moment, may not do so another time. It isn’t the words anyway, the answers are in the stillness. The words are just tools to help us see ourselves and the world a little differently. It’s in the listening that we really learn.

    I do my Course lessons in different ways. I know they can be long, but instead of focusing on the length, I read the lesson into a small tape recorder and then play it back to myself in the morning and at night. Then during the the day I repeat the basic lesson over and over to myself with quiet breathing as often as I can. Sometimes I stay on the lesson for more than a day, but usually not more than two. The length of time isn’t that important, because with A Course In Miracles, the lessons repeat themselves and build upon themselves over time. If you don’t get the lesson at first, it will be offered to you again … and again. Which is what is lovely about the Course. And each time it’s said in a little different way so if one way of looking at it isn’t so helpful, you will be given another way of looking at it another time until it sinks in. And it WILL sink in. As soon as you’re ready voila! There it is. It’s amazing. The trick is to NOT work at it without the Holy Spirit with you. This is a Course in undoing, not doing, remember. We’re the ones who have DONE and we believe very strongly in what we have done. So it is only with God’s help we can undo.

    Trying to undo our past thinking without guidance is like trying to swallow a beam of light in a tank of water. That ray of light, though often colorful and enticing is also elusive in all that water. We can see the ray of light through the water, but we really only believe in the water that keeps it from us. God is the guide we need to swim directly to the light and immerse ourselves in the truth. Sometimes for just a tiny instant because light cannot be felt by the body nor can it be contained by our mind for long.

    Sickness is a defense against the truth is not an easy lesson. Mainly because it is not our every day way of thinking and even the language is not what we use as a matter of course. Who ever says that? But once we practice it a while and the simplicity and loveliness of this thought sinks in, wow! We’ve leaped a mountain in a single bound. This lesson means that we have the power to be well, to be happy, to be at peace by simply scraping away all the dark thinking, the judgments and the fear nonsense from our minds and allowing the light (truth) to shine through and to shine away what doesn’t belong to us anyway. In other words, let go of what we do not want and accept what is ours. Our holiness. Our innocence. Our beauty. Our wellness. Our abundance. This is just another lesson in letting go and letting God. Or as the Course calls it, FORGIVENESS. The sickness describes fear. The truth is another word for Love. Yes, it uses a lot of words to explain it, but that’s because we are so dense, we simply don’t get it unless it’s explained in great depth. And over and over. I can forget a lesson in an instant. The forgetting is a common defense against the truth. That’s why I might stay with the lesson a couple of days. Especially if I’m busy in the world.

    Don’t worry about it, Pat Dear. You are walking steadily on toward truth with your willingness to make the effort to do the Course lessons and your regular “attendance” by CD or download, at the weekly study group meetings with Bev and the gang, and your daily reading of Marianne Williamson’s great wisdoms, your listening to Ed’s wonderful counseling, your asking for and offering help on the Listener Board and even your reading of my simple spirit messages. It’s all leading you in the right direction. You may have doubts, but I can see for you that you are moving along at the perfect pace for you. You know way more than you sometimes express outwardly. Keep up the beautiful “Holy” work. Believe me, it’s working. Love you, Sis S

  3. Dear Sharie,
    Thanks so much for this message.
    You are right , I see the Course words…or hear them…building a framework for change in thinking…or shift in perception for me. And I do follow it’s words every day… It makes a difference!

    I thank you for your words and ideas about how you approach the Course.
    Marianne’s book is so great…a couple of her readings have really spoken to me.

    Just as do your words to me….which are so freely given..and I soooo appreciate them!

    Today without Ed has been a bit hard…he had surgery on a paralyzed vocal chord. This has been building for a couple years..had two other more minor procedures , but this was a bigger one. He was told not to talk from last Wed until yesterday (Tues). I emailed him and he said he went on a couple errands, and also talked just a little on last Friday! I couldn’t believe he did that ! I emailed him a pretty powerful message saying “please do not do that again.” there are too many people who love and need you, you need to take care of you.

    Yesterday his appt was for 3:00. And I haven’t heard what the results are.
    In his Friday message he said his throat really hurt and he was going back to bed and silence. That’s when I kind of read him the “riot act” in my email.

    So I just now wrote a short email and asked how he was and I was thinking of him.

    I have been doing well, but as I said, today I had not much planned so that made it harder plus it’s been awhile since I talked to him. I am honestly worried about him and concerned for myself.

    Shall keep you posted. I so appreciate your help and encouragement. It means a lot to me…. Many thanks and so much love
    Sis, Pat

  4. Just a quick update. Ed wrote me tonight. Dr. is very happy with results and said his voice will get stronger and stronger in next two months and YAY! ..I have my Monday appt. with him! so I am so glad for him and secondly for me! Thank you, God. !!!!!!!
    Peace and love for us all,
    SIs, Pat

    • Pat Dear, I am happy for you and for Ed. I believe you serve each other. He blesses you with help for your issues and you bless him with your joining with him and trusting him to help you. It’s a win-win. Please tell Ed for me, that I pray for his quick healing. Love you, Sis S

  5. Sharie,
    Thank you so much for your encouragement. I had really been worried about him. Of course, concerned about what it would mean for me. I will be sooo glad to talk with him Monday. Have been doing good…but yesterday and today…not so good. I got thru my days, but not with the sense of “peace” I had.
    Really loved your post today and used it a lot…about being still and receiving the Love of God..well, not quite those words, but if I go look at it now, I will lose this reply…..anyway, the message was Friday’ And it was so good.
    Love you loads,
    Sis, Pat

  6. I really slipped today. As I go to sleep in a few minutes I will use Beverly’s lesson, ” I am the light of the worls” and I wil also use what you wrote to listen to God in silence….in stillness, will I find his peace….my peace.
    Sis, Pat

    • Pat Dear, recognizing when we have “slipped” is why we are here. Now we have the opportunity to do things differently next time. Our message today is The World Is A Classroom. Slipping is just a part of learning. Congratulations on slipping. Now you can choose a better way. Take my arm and we’ll slip along together always knowing that slipping isn’t serious. And in fact we can even laugh about it. It’s just part of the plan for becoming a better Self. Love you, Sis Sharie

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