Posted by: spiritteacher | January 14, 2014


“I am entitled to miracles.”  A Course In Miracles


“I am ripe for miracles today.”

Miracles are in every peaceful moment. They can be seen in a sunrise or a silent snowfall. They can be heard in a child’s laughter. They can be felt in the unspoken joy that wells within us for no reason at all. Pay attention when this happens and focus on this feeling. It is the presence of miracles. It is healing happening.

Heaven is God’s love that lives in each one of us. It is seen as light and experienced as truth, constant and unchanging and eternally us, one with each other and one with God. This is the State of Love. This is the moment of miracles.

Isn’t it a warm and lovely thought to know that underneath the dead leaves of our past experience; just out of our awareness lives this amazing world ripe for miracles and quietly waiting for our attention? And when we pay attention it appears in full panoramic view and nothing else exists.

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