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“Oneness is simply the idea God is.” A Course In Miracles

“I choose the wonder of Oneness today.”

This holiday season is the perfect time to choose to take our separated drop and plop it into the Ocean of God’s perfect Love. And join with our brothers and sisters with peace filled thoughts and joyous extensions of loving energy toward all.  That is ONENESS.

We must exclude no one and nothing in this and our gifts will be miracles of wondrous experience pouring down about us.  And together we can splash happily in the puddles of joy that our raining miracles produce and peace will fill our hearts. Then we can rest in the understanding that God is Love and God is all there is.  That is ONENESS

We can experience our Oneness through: 
Random acts of kindness  
Compassionate thoughts 
Smiles for strangers  
Hugs for the children
Patience and tolerance
Smiles and laughter 
Sharing and caring 
Giving and living
Blessing and praying
Stilling our thoughts and listening …

We can experience our Oneness by seeing the world as blessed.
And blessing the world we see no matter how it looks.

By believing that God’s power is the power of Love and Love is All He Is and therefore the only thing that’s true.  

No matter how it looks here, or how it feels inside us, we must TRUST that God can make the corrections to heal everyone and all things. But we must open our hearts and minds and let God in. And then let God’s Love flow through us. And know His will for us is only Happiness.

And when we combine our power and do this together all that’s left is ONENESS.

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“I want the peace of God.” A Course In Miracles

“I will gladly pay the price of peace.”

We often speak about the price of peace


We talk of things like sacrifice and suffering,

Of fighting for our rights and bending others to our ways,

Of making everyone see God and the world as we do.

We make demands and place orders.

We need to be right even at the sacrifice of happiness.

We truly believe that peace will come from this.


But in God’s eyes what is the price of peace?


No price at all.
It’s free
In every sense.


Peace is a choice that when made

With a gentle heart and open mind
Flows gently through our being.

It judges no one.

It fights for nothing.

It is the core of our being


Simply is …

It is fathered by Forgiveness
And mothered by Compassion.

It’s siblings,
Kindness, Sharing, Tolerance and Joy
Will one day govern all hearts and

Heal the world through Love.


Posted by: spiritteacher | December 18, 2014


“Who could fear to look upon such lovely holiness?” 
A Course In Miracles

 “I will walk the path of calm acceptance.”

There are really only two paths.

The first path, the one most commonly travelled, is outside of us and causes us to move away from our inner truth. The second path and the one many of us are not aware of though we often sense that something is missing, is the path of calm acceptance which lives inside of us. On the path of calm acceptance we need only ask one question of the Universe,

“Which way?” 

Upon asking this quiet question, our potential expands to encompass all possibilities, for we are now flexible, open and responsive. In being flexible, open and responsive to the love and the miracles around us, we gift ourselves with a beautiful experience

I see you on a path of golden light.
You are illuminated and you illuminate.
Your way is smoothed by sharing gentle kindness.

You are blessed by the inner peace of true compassion and the knowing that your power lies in you and not in someone else. Your natural gift of gratitude shines like a beacon in the world. Your quick and easy laughter and your trust in something higher paves the way for your sisters and your brothers to experience their own confidence and joy. All who know you thank you for your generosity of spirit, and your willingness to see the best in everyone.

And as you see the best in others so now are you able to
see your own true self mirrored there, happy whole and healed.

And aren’t you lovely!


Posted by: spiritteacher | December 17, 2014


“… see the world anew, shining in innocence, alive with hope and blessed with perfect charity and love.”
A Course In Miracles

I  nside each one of us there lives a hidden, yet completely

N atural, inner knowing we can easily access by simply being still.

N othing in the world or beyond it can block, stop or disturb

O ur peace or dam the joy that flows in a constant stream from the

C enter of our very being and is designed to gently touch and lift

E ach of us and everyone who comes before us even for an instant.

N ameless and wordless, yet powerful and full of miracles, this

C hangeless truth is our ancient gift from a loving universe that is

E ternal and in this we were always healed and whole and home.


Posted by: spiritteacher | December 16, 2014


“They stand in shining silence …”
… who accepts God’s gifts can never suffer.” 
 A Course In Miracles

“I will accept God’s gifts and be still today.”

Let us rest our mind a moment and think nothing. 

It is in thinking nothing that we find everything.  Stillness is calm and gentle. It is ever present and always ready and waiting to lighten the heavy heart and calm the racing mind. Stillness is real and palpable and lives and breathes within us. Stillness lifts our spirits and heals our thoughts and gently reminds us that we belong to it and it to us.

Stillness is God’s voice quietly reminding us that He will fill our hearts with His love as soon as we surrender our grievances to Him and allow Him entry through the doorway of our minds and hearts.

Stillness is peace. 
It is our guiding star.
It is beautiful. 
It is practical.

It is the place where we are perfect and where perfection only means happiness and joy. Let’s open to this gift so we can use it lovingly every moment of every day throughout the year. And then let’s share it with everyone we encounter. God’s gift of stillness is the one that truly keeps on giving. 

It’s called re-gifting. 

Posted by: spiritteacher | December 15, 2014


“This is the season you would celebrate everyone.”
“This is the journey’s purpose.”
A Course In Miracles

“I will remember that God celebrates us in every season.” 

Can we see how each season symbolizes the seasons of our spirit’s journey? Spring is the beginning when we have new thoughts to entertain of perhaps a better way.  Summer brings us light and laughter and the understanding that we can have fun as we learn and grow.  Fall symbolizes wisdom and the seeing how our choice for true forgiveness shines like a sunbow of many colors through our minds. Winter is a time to rest in the peace that we have planted, cultivated, harvested and now may savor in quiet confidence and perfect certainty.

God gives us everything and asks for so little in return. Only a little willingness. Let’s take His hand as a child would, smile our thanks, gift Him our trust and allow Him to lead us gently through the seasons of our journey. And at the end we will find a rainbow of riches, a sunray of joy and the shining star of everlasting peace.

Posted by: spiritteacher | December 12, 2014


“I am entrusted with the gifts of God.” A Course In Miracles

“I will be grateful for my gifts today.”

You have a gift that’s holy it is clear,
Like some can paint and sculpt or write a song.
It’s openness of mind and generous heart.
It’s your freedom to let others be themselves.
It’s forgiveness in the face of judgment and
Kindness in the wake of challenges that
Face the world. It’s willingness to be an
Instrument of peace and desire for joy
And abundance everywhere. It’s the easy
Laughter bubbling from you showing others
It’s not so serious as we would think.
It’s bringing all together in a place of highest
Thinking. It’s connecting each and everyone
By a silver cord of unity that reminds us
We are One. Because you’re here, a holy
Presence in the world, all who know you
Circle round and dance joyfully in your light.
All these attributes are yours to be tapped
At any moment that you choose. And every
Time you do, the world is healed a little more.

You have a gift and that gift is that you are a gift.

Posted by: spiritteacher | December 11, 2014


“… you think you have a thousand choices when there is really only one to make.” “God did not make a meaningless world.” “Choose Again.” A Course In Miracles

I will be a make the choice for God today.

Human conditions are not God’s choice for us nor is He in a position to stop us from our insanity. But He did create us Holy and Whole so that we, even in our human form, are capable of making choices from that perfect place from which we were created. And we can choose a better way, a higher thought, whenever we want. And that is where our power lies.

For every fear thought, there is a loving thought nearby; for every cloud, a golden lining. Today begin a Blessings Journal. Instead of focusing upon all that is wrong in your life, spend some time each evening before you go to bed and look quietly upon your day. Where you see unsightly weeds of pain and sadness, look for light and glorious blooms on the Christmas cactus. Let the flowers symbolize for you, all the beautiful moments and everyone for which you can be grateful.

Let everything you have experienced and everyone you have encountered be a teaching tool for peace; an opportunity for forgiveness. Write down what you have learned. And then write down each loving gift; the ones that are clear and the ones you may have overlooked. The ones that are huge and the ones that are barely visible. Pay attention to your life as you go about your day.  Let this exercise strengthen you and help you remember that even in the weed infested moments of insanity, there are blossoms of joyous thinking trying to break free.

Search carefully for those moments you can put into your blessings journal. And then just before you fall asleep say, “Thank you, God. Thank you for all that I have learned. Thank you for my life. Thank you for showing me this world through Your Eyes.  And thank you for using me as a healing channel for peace everywhere and at all times. ” 

And now your path is clear for it is strewn with the flowers of Holy, Healing Love.  And you will know that YOU are the greatest blessing in your life.

Posted by: spiritteacher | December 10, 2014



“Every loving thought is true.” A Course In Miracles

“I will look up today.”

A beautiful thought is like a brightly shining star or an eagle in flight. It makes you look up.  When you look up, you are lifted from the mundane to the holy, from the fearful to the joyous.  Holy is like Heaven on earth and joyous is a place inside you that is filled with light. This Heaven is an eternal part of your very being and this joyous place is your home. Just pray, “God is the love with which I experience this moment.” And whoosh you’re in Heaven and at home in the state of purest joy. It’s not the past or the future in which we live. It’s now. Stay in the now surrounded by God’s Love and you can travel anywhere and still be Home.

Every possible moment, think a lovely thought while looking for the brightly shining star. And while you’re gazing up at the star with a light heart and a smile on your face, don’t forget to watch for angels in flight.

You are a beautiful thought.  So now just be yourself;  a loving thought in the Mind of God.

Posted by: spiritteacher | December 9, 2014


“… you will see the smile of Heaven shining on both you and your brother.” A Course In Miracles

“My heart smiles at everyone today.”

A smile is reassuring.
A smile is comforting.
A smile expresses joy and happiness.
A smile is a stepping stone to laughter.
A smile releases endorphins and makes us feel better.
A smile is a gift, an offering of an open heart and a helping hand.
A smile is an easy way to communicate love, kindness and forgiveness.

A smile is very, very powerful.

A smile is contagious.
When you give it to another, you give it to yourself.

Today whenever anything disturbs us, let’s try this exercise; let’s curve our mouth upward, soften our vision and smile. Not just with our lips, but with our eyes. Let it come from deep within our heart.  It’s impossible to be depressed, sad, anxious, angry or afraid when our heart is smiling.

Let a smile be our prayer. 

Let a smile be our meditation. 

Let a smile be the affirmation of our true worth and value.

Let a smile change someone’s day. 

Let a smile in each moment change our life.

Posted by: spiritteacher | December 8, 2014


“Giving and receiving are the same.” A Course In Miracles

“To everyone I offer love and joy today.”

The acts of giving and receiving are governed by the same law.

Giving and receiving under God’s laws are not the same as in the world’s. In the world if we give a gift, it’s gone from our possession and now belongs to someone else. That blouse, that tie, that CD or DVD has been given away. They are out of our life and we cannot have them back. But God’s gifts cannot be given away without being kept. His gifts belong to everyone and all at once.

If we want peace of mind, we must give it to someone else. If we want happiness, just offer it with a smile to any one of God’s children and it’s ours to keep forever. If we want to enjoy a calm and quiet moment we only need lift it from our heart and place it in someone else’s. Love and forgiveness are gifts that generate miracles of healing from one to another. We cannot give them away without keeping them for ourselves. And in fact, as we give them they grow. If we give a gentle smile and offer a kindness to another those gifts can be paid forward and increased a thousand fold at the same time as they stay with us. The energy from a gift of Love can ripple out far beyond our immediate world and cause joy and healing in places we cannot imagine.

On the other hand, this simple law of cause and effect can backfire if we don’t use it wisely. If we want a cup of anger, we need just offer it to our neighbor and it’s ours to keep.  If we want a pot of suffering and misery, we can simply pour it over our brother’s head.  If we want a pile of guilt, we can wrap it up in black paper, tie it with a bitter bow and give it to our sister and voila! It’s ours.

So today let’s give only what we want; an overflowing cup of gratitude, a flowering pot of generosity, a seed of simple niceness. Let’s pray this prayer together, “To everyone I offer Love and Peace and Joy from my open heart because I want them for myself.”  And now the world is healed.

May you walk among your gifts from God today,
Sharing them with everyone along the way.

Posted by: spiritteacher | December 5, 2014


“Truth will correct all errors in my mind.” A Course In Miracles

“I will not deny the truth of me today.”

Our thoughts should be:

I am happy because happiness is my natural state of being.

I love and am loved because God is Love and God is all there is.

I forgive the past and surrender the future because in so doing I will find  peace right here, right now. 

I am at peace in my relationships, happy in my work and joyous in my play. I never forget to play.

I am on my spiritual path even if I don’t recognize it. I will know I am following my path when I feel, more and more often, a smile of gratitude growing inside me; a calm and quiet knowing flowing through me.

I have no choice but to be what I really am; God’s light in the world. I am ready to let it shine.

Since I have no choice but to be a Light, I might as well let go of everything that blocks it and allow it to radiate free.

Deny yourself no longer, Beloved Child of God, and you will surge forth, and soar upward to the heavens of this world where joy fills your being, and where your heart is lifted up to Him Who owns it and where peace is your every day experience.

Posted by: spiritteacher | December 4, 2014


“The light of the world brings peace to every mind through my forgiveness.” A Course In Miracles

“I will welcome the light of peace today.”

If we keep a forgiving place inside our mind where it is welcome, peace will always find us. It is a constant thread of light that is woven through the fabric of each moment. Even when the world is at its darkest the light of peace is there, sometimes barely noticed, other times completely hidden by a fog of fear and worry. And yet there is no fog so thick, no night so dark that can keep our peace from us.

Miracles of forgiving love are imbedded in each peaceful thought transforming pain to joy. Peace is in the smile that shines through eyes of kindness. It’s in the laughter among friends. It comforts by a helping hand and offers itself in moments of compassion. It rests on tolerance and patience and brings with it opportunities for looking on the bright side. It lifts the weight of judgment and attack thoughts from our minds, freeing us to fly.

Peace radiates its warmth like sunshine on a quiet pond and dances lightly like dragonflies among the hostas. It is a promise always kept; a knowing deep inside us, all is well. When peace is present nothing else exists. It is our ever true and changeless gift from God.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessing the world with your light.


Posted by: spiritteacher | December 3, 2014


“Healing is always certain.” A Course in Miracles

“I will let God’s Holy Current flow through me today.”

I was making banana bread and the electric mixer wouldn’t work.  It had worked a few minutes before, but now it was dead.  I played with it awhile and then checked the outlet.  It had only come unplugged. Once I plugged it in again, I was back in business and my banana bread was soon in the oven emitting delicious smells.

Have we ever had the experience where we thought something was broken only to find it was just unplugged?  Maybe we think something is wrong with us and with our lives and we search for solutions everywhere, but we forget to check the plug. Let’s plug back in; plug into our true power which is the loving energy within us; the energy from God that makes all corrections while it balances and harmonizes our life. The wires for our healing are right inside the walls of our own being.

No matter how terrible the world seems at times, God’s Love can heal it.  Let’s pray: “I place my trust in the power of God”, over and over until we believe it.  Then see our bodies healthy and our world filled with joy and peace.  See all our addictions fall away and feel laughter fill us as we now understand, we are not alone.  There is a power within us that only needs our willingness to plug into it.

Though these corrections may not happen instantly, at least now we are taking the first steps toward healing our lives. Plugging in will lead us onto the proper path and from there we will find the power of the Universe at our disposal where help is always available.

Electricity is always there, but we can’t turn the light on until we plug it in. God is our constant and eternal outlet for the truth about us. Let’s plug into Him and let His Holy Current flow through us. Let’s plug into Him and receive our inheritance of love, abundance, peace, health, joy and healing. 

Posted by: spiritteacher | December 2, 2014


“The teachers of God have trust in the world, because they have learned it is not governed by the laws the world made up. It is governed by a power that is in them but not of them. It is this power that keeps all things safe. It is through this power that the teachers of God look on a forgiven world. When this power has once been experienced, it is impossible to trust one’s own petty strength again. Who would attempt to fly with the tiny wings of a sparrow when the mighty power of an eagle has been given him?” A Course In Miracles

So how do we change the world? How do we stop the wars and violence and hate and anger? How do we rid the world of negativity and fear? It’s impossible on our own. The simple beauty is that we don’t need to change the world, we only need to change ourselves. It can all be done in our own small world.

It’s as simple as being kind to our neighbor, loving and respecting our parents, blessing the guy that cuts us off in traffic, letting someone ahead of us in line at the grocery store, smiling at a stranger, playing with a child, laughing at our mistakes. It’s as simple yet powerful as forgiving someone from our past, praying for peace, envisioning a healed world.

It’s as easy as lighting a candle, putting on some quiet music and meditating for 10 minutes. It’s paying an honest compliment to someone who needs a boost in confidence or giving encouragement to another who needs to be lifted up a bit. It’s seeing the light in each other instead of pointing out each other’s mistakes. It’s taking an instant to bless the world and everyone in it.

Creative kindness is something we can all do and takes no more time and effort than brushing our teeth or washing our hands. And it can be done while we are brushing our teeth or washing our hands or at any other time throughout the course of our day. So simple and yet the effects are far reaching. The healing energy that comes from our small, loving acts and thoughts and words really do affect the greater world. We may not see it or feel it, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Every bit of Love energy we offer is accepted by God as a blessing of healing for everyone. Our gift to God is our trust that this is true.

Sometimes the results are dramatic and intense, but more often they are subtle and may not even be recognized by us. But that doesn’t make it any less powerful and true. And the more of us that join together in being God’s helpers, the more quickly will the world be healed.

The world will change, not from our own efforts, but from the Power of the Strength of God through us. It is through God that our efforts have the power to heal and save the world. And He will tell us exactly what to do, what to think and what to say when and where and to whom, to make it all happen.

We only have to be willing and to believe and to ask God, “How can I help You?” 

Posted by: spiritteacher | December 1, 2014


“The quiet that surrounds you dwells in all, and from this quiet come the happy dreams in which your hands are joined in innocence.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will remember that our Oneness is our power.”

No matter what you’re going through, no matter what fears you fear or what challenges you face, I will hold you in the light of your own truth knowing that our Truth is the power in which we walk this world together.

Hand in hand in hand in hand we encompass the earth and fill the skies, the oceans, the peaks and valleys of this world with our Holiness.

No one is ever alone for we have each other. Our oneness is our power, our glory is in God. Nothing beautiful and joyful and loving is every denied us. God’s laws of abundance and health and perfect safety are the laws we will obey.

Let’s watch now as our minds open to the wonders of God’s miracles flowing in constant streams throughout our lives in ways both small and large yet all the same to Him.

Feel a new earth energy as our hearts fill with God’s powerful Love that pours over us and through us and is all around us, a glorious and delicious experience that never stops. Not even for an instant.

We know with every fiber of our being that what we are seeing is simply our own true Self. Nothing new. Nothing that hasn’t always been from ancient times until now. We are just experiencing the wonder of awareness. The desire to place our trust where it belongs. The ability to remember what we forgot.   Our reality is God. And God is Love and God is all there is.

Each morning as we arise and each night as we retire, we begin and end our day spending a moment remembering our oneness as we walk hand in hand in hand in hand with each other and heart to heart with God. ”For when they joined their hands it was also God’s hand they took …” 

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 28, 2014


“I thank my Father for His gifts to me.” A Course In Miracles

“Today I will let my gratitude bless everyone and everything.”

In this season of thankfulness, let’s open our hearts and minds to all that is beautiful and amazing in our lives. Gratitude is an attribute we all must cultivate if we want to open the world’s door to God’s loving presence. In gratitude we bless this moment, and everyone in our lives. In gratitude we remember to be thankful for our own loving selves. When our hearts are grateful, we shine a heavenly light upon everyone and everything. Our gratitude lifts the world to its highest state of being and brings peace to all.


G ratitude is quieting our thoughts and being thankful as we
R emember to keep our hearts and minds wide open and
A ware of every single opportunity to forgive the world and
T rust in God for everything that is good and right and holy
I n our lives and to use our blessings as stepping stones for
T ranscending fear and guilt as we open to our own truth
U nderstanding that God’s Divine and Holy Universe is
D esigned for our happiness and joy and offers to us
E verything we need and everything God wants for us.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 26, 2014


“Let every voice but God’s be still in me.” A Course In Miracles

“I will remember that I am so much more than my fearful thoughts.”

The sound of a drop of rain upon a blade of grass is louder than the sound of a breaking heart.

A heart breaks silently and is often not recognized through the noise and distractions it hides behind. Activities of every kind can mask the breaking heart. It is well preserved behind blasts of rage and sobs of sadness and even screams of terror. It burrows beneath addictions and violent behavior. Few understand that all this chaos and craziness are signs of a wounded spirit and a frightened child crying out for the love that it is missing. The past has rushed forth to wreak havoc in the present and to cause alarm about the future.

To cover up our pain and fear, we judge the judgments, defend ourselves against attack and bury our heads under the blankets to protect ourselves from our own dark unseen places. We bully the bully and defend or attack the defenseless. But we never smile gently at the suffering soul and say kindly to ourselves and others, “You are so much more than all of this.”

All this acting out is but a refusal to recognize the breaking heart. All this being right at all costs while projecting blame upon the world outside is but a mask to cover our real need to be happy even when happiness seems impossible.

We find it too painful to look inside and see that the breaking heart is really a breaking open to a new identity, another way of seeing. It is a crack in the armor of our defenses allowing a sliver of light to shine through; a ray of hope for something better just over the horizon. So instead of quietly looking at the darkness that we feel threatens our existence we frantically try to fix things. We want to fix ourselves and everyone else thinking this is the solution for a better life. Without all this fixing what would be our purpose here? We don’t see the dishonesty in this way of thinking. We can’t see that true honesty is aligning our thoughts with our behavior. Our true thoughts always come from Love because that is God’s will for us. Love is a state of Being not of doing. And we must leave the fixing to the One Who can fix everything.

Truth is choosing happiness at the same time that we stop judging the world. It’s allowing our heart to break and accepting the pain knowing that it’s only temporary and part of the process of our healing. It’s giving up the past and being present to this moment with kindness and compassion and with trust in a Power greater than our small, suffering self.

It’s turning our face to God’s Light and praying, “Show me how my fellow human is not my enemy or even my business.” It’s accepting God’s will for us and for everyone knowing that God will lead us to where we need to be. He will tell us all we need to know if only we will listen.

God will harness our racing thoughts and give us the words to speak. We no longer have to try and fix the world from the vantage point of a breaking heart and a vision so narrow that nothing we do or say without Him is truly helpful to anyone. At last we can admit that we really don’t know anything and that’s okay because there is a Divine Power that knows all about all.

Now we can feel the broken heart healing bit by bit, moment by moment, shard by shard. The darkness grows dimmer and the light grows brighter. The fear weakens and the joy strengthens. We see that it is a great relief to lay the world’s healing at God’s feet.

With the screams of terror, the blasts of rage and the sobs of sadness all silenced by God’s healing Love, we can actually hear a drop of rain upon a blade of grass. And what a lovely sound it makes.

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 25, 2014


“We are as God created us.”  A Course In Miracles.

“I will do everything with love today.”

Everything we do in love, like a single stone thrown into a quiet lake, causes a rippling effect. It isn’t only the amazing and heroic acts we perform so much as the quiet, loving rippling effects they cause that make the difference. God takes our loving thoughts and acts, small and large, and uses them to spread a blanket of healing light upon the earth.

And now we can call ourselves a healer in the world.
And now our very presence here will do some good.

And our reward?
A sane and loving world for us and for the children.
A warmth of gratitude and gladness that flows through us
And out into the world and makes us and everyone we
Encounter smile and laugh with joy and relief …

The world cannot be unaffected by our thoughts, be they fearful or filled with love, because we are God’s Creations.  

Since our every thought has power, why not use that power for good?

Posted by: spiritteacher | November 24, 2014


“I will welcome everyone into my heart today.”

“Peace and Love and Joy abide in you.” A Course In Miracles

Let everyone be welcome here.

Let everyone be gifted by your radiant smile. 
Let everyone be freed by your forgiving heart. 
Let everyone be comforted by your kind and gentle thoughts.

Do what you must do in the world,
But let it all come from Love and be filled with the light
That radiates from God’s Holy Home inside your mind.

Lay out the Holy welcome mat and now you and
All who know you will live happily within the
Peace and Love and Joy that abides in you.

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