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“My grievances hide the light of the world in me.” A Course In Miracles

“I will choose to be happy today.”

We are responsible for our own happiness. It doesn’t come from anyone or anything outside of us.

Happiness comes from a decision to be happy. It is a chosen state of mind. We can’t look at everything about ourselves or others through a negative lens without bringing a negative experience into our lives.  And in the same way we can’t look at our lives through a positive lens without having a positive experience. Call it karma or cause and effect; it’s simply the way it is. God doesn’t do anything but honor our choices. It’s called free will.

When we have a dark thought, our question is how can I turn that thought around? Then we think something happy and feel the happiness arise within. When we feel fear, our question is, how can I feel differently right now? Then we think of something loving and feel that love deep inside. Don’t fight the fear or the dark thoughts, but simply stand back and watch them. Then breathe quietly, rise above them, smile gently and change our mind. 

Look. Smile. Breathe. Transcend. Transform.

Happiness is a choice that we can choose in every moment and in every experience. 

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 18, 2014


“The holy instant is this instant and every instant. The one you want it to be it is. The one you would not have it be is lost to you. You must decide …” A Course In Miracles

“I will choose love instead of fear today.”

The world has lost its mind!

And yet there is another world with a different mind, right here; right now.  There is a gentle re-birth moving quietly within us that does not happen in pain, but in joy! We can be the channel for another way of thinking that is older than time and is not bound by walls around a limited space. Through God within us we can be the means for God to heal the world’s darkness in an instant; a Holy instant. Now is time transcended. Now is space transformed. Let’s not calculate or celebrate all the D words of the world.  Instead let’s open to a greater alphabet of possibilities.


The world has been restored to sanity.

Every instant is an opportunity for healing. See it as such and we will recognize its holiness. A holy instant is every moment we choose love instead of fear. Now we are no longer victims of our crazy thoughts, but beloved children of the Divine Universe. Spirit is our nature and bodies are but channels for helpfulness, kindness, gentleness and joy; a passageway for holy instants, one after another.

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 17, 2014


“In quiet I receive God’s Word today. Let this day be a day of stillness and of quiet listening.” A Course In Miracles

(A Meditation Blessing)

God holds our heart gently in His Heart and breathes His quiet, healing Love into it. Now does its rapid beat grow calm.  Now do its fearful feelings fade.  Now does it lift lightly with joy and with hope. Now does it know without a doubt that fear is nothing and God’s quiet, healing Love is all there is. Now we understand that all we want is held gently for us in God’s own Heart waiting for our willingness to receive it.

Let’s open our hearts today and accept our Holy Gifts.

God holds our heart gently in His Heart and keeps it safe and well.

May we remember we live quietly in God’s Heart today and our safety is guaranteed by Him.

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 16, 2014


“All power is of God.” A Course In Miracles

“I will recognize my true power today.”

We all have super powers. There is no power in this world greater than the power of God. It is God’s power of Love that is in us. Through us He can manifest miracles in the world. By opening to and accepting our Super Powers we would be serving Him as His Holy miracle workers. Nothing could bring us greater joy than to be a miracle worker for our Creator and our Source.  It is all done through the power of Love.

The only way to access this Love is to welcome it with open arms and minds and hearts. This doesn’t require time, but only trust. The sooner we begin to understand that only God’s Plan will work for us, the sooner we will experience our Super powers.

If we pooled our power for the world’s greater good, nothing would be impossible. So let us open our hearts today and welcome Love, God’s Holy Love, the highest power on earth.  It belongs to you and me.  It can’t be stopped. Nothing can keep our Super Power from bringing us the peace and love and joy, the abundance and the healing and protection we want. And all we need to do is welcome His Love with open arms and then trust in His strength to carry us to our complete and holy healing.

It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s God’s Super Creation! It’s you and me with Super Powers.

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 15, 2014


“I come to hear Your Voice in silence and in certainty and love, sure You will hear my call and answer me.” A Course In Miracles

“I will be still and listen quietly today.

What’s the gift we forget to give ourselves?

Gentle silence in the face of chaos
Is what we search for and can’t find
In the midst of the busy noise of the world
That assaults our senses morning, noon and night.

Silence is so quiet that we overlook it
In our search for joy and peace.

Yet in silence lies the answer to all our searching.

In STILLNESS are all the answers heard to every question we could ask.  Stillness and LISTENING are one activity.  As we still our thoughts so then are we able to listen.  And what are we listening for?  We are listening for the TRUTH that opens the way for our FORGIVENESS which opens the way for PEACE and LIGHT and HEALING.  It is in our Stillness that we are able to experience God’s LOVE.  Stillness heals the past, brings trust and confidence into the future and quiet joy into each moment.

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 12, 2014


“Let me forgive and be happy.” A Course In Miracles

“I will believe in my perfection today.”

If you believed in your own inner beauty and your own perfection as God created you, you would be incapable of fear, or guilt or judgment against another or of feeling judged or attacked by others. Because your own certainty of who you really are would only allow you to see God’s light in you and everyone and everything. You can give yourself permission to believe in the highest within you. In fact at some point, you must.  Because it is the truth.  We cannot live in a false world with false beliefs forever.  You are God’s Creation. Because of this, all but your perfection is false.  When you are ready you will see this for yourself.  Until you are ready, I will hold your light, your beauty and your truth in my mind for you.

May you walk in peace today knowing you are blessed and you can bless, healed and you can heal, saved and you can save.

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 11, 2014



“Miracles are seen in Light.” A Course In Miracles

Dear God, show us how to be Keepers of the Light and instruments of peace today. We truly want to be Your helpers in the healing of the world. Now are we serving from our highest place as we remember that to be truly helpful we must give this day to You. We must think Your thoughts, speak Your words and see and do and be as You created us. Let us remember that You created us Holy, Whole and Healed. And as we willing and gratefully serve You today, let us remember that it is through our loving thoughts and kind actions that we are helping to transform a place of fear into a world of joy and Light where we can live in peace and our children can be safe. Amen


Posted by: spiritteacher | September 10, 2014


“I am the light of the world.”  A Course In Miracles

“I will walk in the light of my own holiness today.”

To truly see yourself, don’t look in the mirror, look inside your heart. That is where your beauty lies; where your kindness, your empathy and your generosity abide. This is where your voice sings arias to the Angels and you are able, in calm and quiet peace, to listen to the silence of God’s own Heart speaking constantly of your holiness.

You are an artist of the spirit, a poet of the soul, a creation of delight and joy, at one with all the Universe. Inside you Love lives, a constant flame to be fanned by trust and shared with all. And it is there that healing is always happening.

Look and laugh and rejoice at your true nature, your real self and see your Truth. If you find your vision blocked by fear, anger, sadness, anxiety, worry … LOOK AGAIN!  And choose another way of seeing. Be grateful for your sweet essence and your holy presence.  The truth will set you free.

Now you are an instrument of peace and a teacher of God.  Now you are serving your purpose as a healer of the world.

May you walk in the light of your own holiness today knowing you are blessed and a blessing in the world.

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 9, 2014

WE ARE ALL GOD’S MVC (Most Valuable Creation)

“In every child of God His blessing lies, and in your blessing of the children of God is His blessing to you.” A Course In Miracles

“I will silently bless everyone today.”

A single person trying to achieve anything is not as powerful as two.  Two are weaker than three and three are less able than four.  Imagine hundreds pulling together or thousands, millions and more? The more who join in joy, the more the world’s healing is increased.

Let’s envision concerts, sporting events and stage productions where thousands and hundreds of thousands of fans acclaim a single artist or an athlete in an uproar of applause and joyful shouts. My own heart soars at the outpouring of all the love. I cannot help thinking each time I see that, why can’t we do the same for God? And then my mind asks, and why not for each other? And ourselves? Is it really necessary to sing a Grammy winning song,  be an MVP or win a gold or silver medal to reap the rewards of appreciation from our brothers and sisters?  Why can’t we honor and be honored just for who we are?  What greater cause for celebration can there be than to rejoice in ourselves and each other for being God’s Glorious Creation? Singing songs and playing games is small accomplishment compared to that.

We see each other through a very dim lens much of the time. Why are our mistakes so much more valued than our holy presence in the world?

A silent blessing to every brother or sister who comes before us today will suffice, or anyone who comes into our mind. In doing this we are honoring an MVC.  

And now smile with gratitude beloved Children of a loving God for as we honor ourselves and each other, we honor our Creator. And a Holy Loving Light shines upon the world and darkness is no more.

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 8, 2014


“I have no neutral thoughts.” A Course In Miracles

“I will think only loving thoughts today.”

As we understand the power of our thoughts, we will see how important it is to think Loving thoughts and let go of fear filled thoughts. 

As we exercise our power to see through God’s eyes instead of trying to see on our own, we will begin to witness changes in those around us.  Where there was separation among God’s children, there will be a new joining, a new willingness to be happy and peaceful with each other. Instead of reacting through fear, we will be able to stop ourselves and ask God how we should handle each situation that arises. And as we listen silently to His response, we will find ourselves using different words and performing different acts than we did when we were acting on our own. 

And the miracles will flow.

Love will replace fear, laughter will replace tears and abundance will replace loss. Harmony and balance will replace extremes. Kindness will replace judgment and compassion will replace intolerance. Health will replace sickness and joy will replace sadness, anger and hopelessness. Calm and quiet confidence will replace anxiety, worry and depression.  Brothers and sisters will replace enemies.

It will be a new world and it will happen through the power of you and me thinking only with God.

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 5, 2014


“Forgiveness is the only sane response. It keeps your rights from being sacrificed.” A Course In Miracles

“My heart surrenders and forgives all things today.”

Forgiveness is the opposite of judgment. Forgiveness means surrendering everything to God. Forgiveness is living in the light, breathing in the beauty of the world and allowing our blessings to flow and flow and flow. It’s not about condoning, it’s about compassion.

It’s about letting go of the past and living fully in each moment. It’s about praying, “God, I don’t know what this is all about so I give it to you for Your Holy Understanding.” We mustn’t be afraid to let go of all we think we need to cling to here. Clinging to our past thinking is what causes all our pain. Letting go frees us to fly.

To protect ourselves, we grasp onto our fears and judgments with tight fists. We are terrified that letting them go will be the cause of our destruction. We will not be punished for surrendering our fears and judgments. Instead, we will be rewarded with joyful and amazing experiences filled with miracles. The only true justice is God’s justice and it is nothing like our own for it comes from pure Love and nothing else.

Let’s remember our protection is in God, not in ourselves. As a Child of His Light, we are so far above our petty thinking that it is inconceivable that we should allow one unkind or unloving thought to keep us imprisoned in pain a moment longer.

If we understood who we really are, we would gladly let all the nonsense go and fall to our knees with tears of gratitude. His light would wash away all darkness, pain and suffering caused by our tight fisted attachment to our silly judgments of ourselves and others. We think we know everything, when actually we know nothing. All that is asked of us is a tiny willingness to let go of what we do not know and do not want or need while we walk with Him in happy peace and in calm and quiet confidence.

“Forgiveness offers everything I want.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 4, 2014


“There are no idle thoughts.” A Course In Miracles

“Today, I will remember my thoughts have power.”

We mustn’t be tempted to think our thoughts aren’t powerful because they are. We are after all glorious and holy Creations of God! We can use our power to keep the world imprisoned in darkness or we can use it to shine God’s healing Light on everyone and everything we see. It is our fear thoughts that made the world insane. It is our loving thoughts that will heal it.

Let our prayer be, “God use me to help You heal the world. I want to see Your peace instead of this.”

Then smile gently, grow quiet and watch the miracles of healing happen as the world transforms from a fearful place to God’s Place and our Real Home.

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 3, 2014


“This is the time of hope for countless millions.” A Course In Miracles

Millions and more are ready. Feel the restless shuffling of spirits as millions prepare to break loose from ties that chafe and bind them to unwanted thinking.

See the dissatisfaction on multitudes of faces as God’s children sense there must be more. Watch the doubtful expressions as so many begin to question, “Why am I here again?”

It’s a movement; a holy movement toward another way of seeing. Another way of thinking. Another way of being. And we’re right in the midst of it. As questioners. As teachers. As leaders and as followers. As participants of a brave new world. A world that sees forgiveness as the path to peace. Kindness as the philosophy that frees. Stillness and trust in God as the only way to heal all the dark and crazy thinking from the past.

Before us is the path, well lit and inviting. An open invitation. We place one foot cautiously upon it, then taking God’s hand, we place the other as well. And we’re off. It feels right. Gentle winds of healing fan us. Smiles of quiet peace light our faces. Our hearts are calm and confident. Our thoughts are the ones God gives us. Joyous laughter fills our being and flows through us filling the air with happy sounds.

Relief lifts the weight of the world from us. “What took us so long?” we wonder. We know with absolute certainty that it’s time. It’s our time. It’s the world’s time. It’s God’s time. It’s the time for peace for all.

We are ready. We are able. And so we pluck our fruits from the tree of truth. Love. Peace. Joy. Oneness. They are ours. They manifest in our lives as happiness, health, safety, abundance. They are ours. Always have been. But now we know it. No longer do we hide ourselves in uncertainty and fear and doubt. It’s as plain as the nose on our faces. As clear as the light in our eyes. As certain as the joy in our hearts. It’s time for a brand new world. And we have been recruited to be among its leaders.

We lead, not by overpowering wills, which never works, but by setting quiet examples of kindness, helpfulness and positivity.

Follow that light! It’s God leading the way.

Celebration is the order of the day. For fear is gone and only Holy, Healing Love remains. God’s prodigal children have come home.

Posted by: spiritteacher | September 2, 2014


“Say God’s Name, and you invite the angels to surround the ground on which you stand, and sing to you as they spread out their wings to keep you safe, and shelter you from every worldly thought that would intrude upon your holiness.” A Course In Miracles

“… birds and angels both have wings and songs.” Kerry Boone

“I will sing and fly today.”

Together we can sing beautiful melodies, fly to new heights and rise above the ordinary as we soar with the angels. There is a world beyond this one rich with beauty, vibrant colors and wondrous sounds not dimmed by misperceptions or hidden behind the gray mists of limited seeing. This world is joyous, healthy and abundant, completely free of fear in any form. If we could get even a glimpse of this for only an instant we would never be the same.

In stillness we can know this other world is there because God would flood our beings with the thoughts we need to be open to what’s Real. God’s world governed by His laws and protected by His Angels is all that we will know when we choose to listen only to God’s Voice. 

Together let’s breathe in a great sigh of relief and feel all stress leave us and all Love enfold us like wings of Self protection as silently we sing in perfect harmony with all that is Holy and Wondrous and True.

Posted by: spiritteacher | August 29, 2014


“The light has come. I am healed and I can heal.” A Course In Miracles

“In the stillness, I hear hearts heal today.”

We can hear the music of life if we listen carefully.
We can hear the quiet thrumming as healing happens.
If we look with our inner vision, we can see the
Glimmerings of light through the darkness. 

In stillness, we can feel our hearts lift with joy
At the understanding that a whole new world is
Happening right here, right now.
And it starts with us.

The past is over.
There is nothing outside of us that can harm us now.
We are safe in the arms of God’s protection. 

A new day, a new world, a new life is in each moment.
Let’s accept it with confidence and gratitude.
And then let’s share it with others.

The Light is here.
The Holy Light of our healed new world
Is here at last.

Posted by: spiritteacher | August 28, 2014


“ … let your thoughts fly to the peace within.” A Course In Miracles

“I am willing to fly today.”

Why crawl with caterpillars when we can soar as butterflies?  It is necessary to be a caterpillar and a cocoon before we can be a butterfly. It’s all part of the learning, growing process. But sometimes, out of fear, we stay in the caterpillar and cocoon stage much longer than we should. How long must we trap ourselves in a cocoon? When it becomes painful, that may be our sign that it is time to learn to fly.  

What if we breathe into that feeling of being trapped and constricted and frustrated and envision something else? Freedom. Not just freedom of the body, but freedom of the mind and heart.  Now, we are allowing a new and holy vision of ourselves. This vision leads beyond caterpillars and beyond cocoons.

Let’s let our minds grow still and our hearts become calm as we smile at the beauty of this new experience in this moment, on this higher plane. Now let’s come back to earth, look around us with new eyes and see, not a small creature that crawls, nor one stuck in a cocoon of fear and doubt, but a beautiful and wondrous creation who is capable of flying to greater heights than ever before.

In experiences we may all be at the caterpillar stage or the cocoon stage or the butterfly stage at different times.  It isn’t our job to judge the different stages of our brothers’ and sisters’ learning, growing process or even our own.  Our true job is to be a light in the world, an example of kindness and forgiveness, an instrument of peace. And one day we will look up and the sky will be amassed with beautiful winged creatures. And we will be among them.

Posted by: spiritteacher | August 27, 2014


“My happiness and my function are one.” A Course In Miracles

“I will do my real job today.”

If we think of God as the Employer and ourselves as the employee and the product as Happiness, then unless we manufacture Happiness in its highest sense, we are not doing our job. It’s time to set aside our small aspirations involving grievances, sadness and anger, judgment and guilt or worldly things and earthly power and ask God what the real goal is. God’s Office is always open. His Plan is the only One that will serve the world and provide the Holy Health Care, the perfect Child Care, the amazing Salary and all the Abundance and Benefits that Heaven can offer.  All we need do is agree to His Strategy and choose Happiness as the product we want to invest in. Happiness will make us rich in every way.

We are not meant to serve in our own self designed cubicles. We are meant to serve in limitless and eternal joy. Let’s quietly close the door on our belief in failure from the past and open the window of opportunity in this moment. As we make the conscious choice to make happiness our real job, the world will change before our eyes.  Now, we will live and work in a happy place created from our own thoughts. And our real Boss will provide Bonuses that will delight us. We will be amazed at how easy it is to create Happiness. And how quickly sharing it with others will magnify and increase it for ourselves.


Posted by: spiritteacher | August 26, 2014


“If you raise what fear conceals to clear-cut unequivocal predominance, fear becomes meaningless. You have denied its power to conceal love, which was its only purpose. The veil that you have drawn across the face of love has disappeared. Thus does God replace fear with love and translate error into truth.” A Course In Miracles

“I will smile in Fear’s face today.”

Sometimes it seems that fear has a mind of its own. We know we want to be happy and at peace but fear just won’t let us. It wraps its claw-like fingers around our heart and squeezes the breath right out of our lungs. Or its dark shadow silently stalks us all day, staying at the peripheral of our mind until the night when all is quiet. Then it leaps out at us with crazy thoughts of this and that. We try to fill our minds with loving affirmations and busy thoughts that feel more productive. We may try to pray, or meditate, but our brain is churning with doubt and confusion. Sometimes it’s too overwhelming and we just cry out for help or yell at God for letting this happen to us. After all, we work so hard trying to be a good person, how is it possible that we can be in such pain?

But perhaps this fear isn’t such a bad thing. What if it is simply part of the process of our healing and really something helpful if we just stop fighting it?  What if we just stand back and allow it?  Feel the tension in our shoulders, the tightness in our chest. Can we unclench our fists and simply look at the panic thoughts and let the sad and angry tears flow free? It isn’t easy to face the fear with a calm and quiet mind and an open heart. In fact it can be terrifying because it feels like the end of our peace forever. But we know it isn’t. We’ve had these insanity attacks before. We know they come and go. They must be part of the journey of allowing us to heal from our past.

So now, let’s just watch our fear and see what it does. See how it fades more quickly with no resistance? See how clearly we can see God’s loving Light fill up the dark space where fear, just moments before, felt so powerful and real? See how our tears of sadness quietly become tears of gratitude and joy? 

What a relief to know that no matter how it looks or how it feels, fear is not real. Only God is. And God is only Love. Now, we understand, if we’re not at peace, we’re simply making a mistake. And we can smile quietly and pray, “I want the peace of God instead of this.” ACIM It’s not our job to correct the mistake, it’s our job to stop fighting it so God can shine His Light into our mind and heart and make the corrections for us. He does this by showing us the truth of who we are.

Will fear come back? Most likely. The ego doesn’t give up easily. But now we know the answer, let it come.  Sure it’s scary, but so what?  Scary isn’t the end of the world. If we can accept that and smile through the pain, even better. Our smile tells us it’s not so serious as we thought and opens up the channel for God’s healing Power. Now, we can get back into our right minds, our loving prayers and quiet meditations which help to weaken our fear muscle and strengthen our joy muscle. Fear is just a thought and so is Love. God gave us the power to choose which teacher we will follow, which thought we want to listen to.

One thing is for certain, if we choose to be at war with fear or try to hide from it, we only make it stronger. The only way to dispel it is to accept, allow and surrender it to God.

Posted by: spiritteacher | August 25, 2014


 “Everything that comes from Love is a miracle.” A Course In Miracles

“I will let this be a day of miracles for me.”

Love is the only miracle and everything that comes from Love is the manifestation of miracles. Let this be a day of miracles for us.  Miracles are tiny instants where love sends shoots of energy from one heart to another.

What if there were no right or wrong, except how we choose to see it?  Everything is but a lesson, an opportunity to learn and to grow quiet and breathe love into the moment. We need do nothing, but become still in our mind and calm in our heart and ask God for help in seeing the world through His eyes.  When we are feeling burdened or challenged or anxious, we can make the decision to do nothing on our own.  “I will do nothing here, God, but step back and let You lead the way.  If there is something I should do or say, please make it clear to me so that all my thoughts, words and actions will come from Love and be the cause for miracles.”

So now, with a quiet, listening mind and a calm and loving heart, let’s feel the burden of decisions lifted from us. Let’s accept that of ourselves, we know nothing. Now are we free to extend love and peace into the world.  Now, will every thought and word and act be the right ones.  For now, all will come from Love.  Everything that comes from love is a miracle.

“Of myself I can do nothing, but in God are all my problems solved.” A Course In Miracles

Posted by: spiritteacher | August 22, 2014


“There are dark lessons in your mind that would hurt and hinder you. The lessons you would teach yourself God has corrected already.” A Course In Miracles

“I will welcome butterflies today.”

Lightning doesn’t tickle and butterflies don’t sting. Remember any lessons we don’t learn with each other now will be repeated later.  We never get through life without learning what we came here to learn. The longer we put off learning, the harder it gets.  It starts with a quiet thought like a butterfly’s touch, then moves on to a pinch, then a shove,  a kick, and finally a bolt of lightning. 

It isn’t God that is pinching, shoving, kicking or striking us with lightning. We are doing it to ourselves through the law of cause and effect. What we give to the world is what we bring upon ourselves. 

God never brings harm to His children. He just gently Loves us. Although He must be perplexed as to why we are choosing to beat ourselves up when all we have to do is simply accept our inheritance of happiness and joy. 

Why wait for lightning to strike when we can find our peace with just the tiny tickle of a butterfly’s wing?

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